Happy mother's day MAK

To Mak...
love that has no measure
shelter from the arms
i could live 4ever

ever understanding
sharing all her charms
i know my safe haven

if i could say what u means to me
im sure it would take and eternity
u showed me how to be all that i can be
and weather all the storms

u always there, u r my best friend
taught me how to stand and when to bend
i could stay 4ever

gave me wisdom to come in out of the rain
how my heart ur warms 

My dear Mak... i would like to tell u, Happy Mother's Day. I wish i could be around u. Thank you for all that you have done for me and because of u i have been able to achieve my goals and be where i am today. Thanks so much MAK.. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE U FOR ALL MY LIFE.. Muaxxxxx... xoxoxox...

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