Red Colobus Monkey

 you can find Red Colobus Monkey in Zanzibar Island

look at this couple was looking for something inside his hair

Red Colobus Monkey only eat young leaves in this tree

look at my crown.. isn't that pretty

Charcoal is the single antidote for Red Colobus Monkeys if get stomach pain

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mother of two mother of two Ahad, Disember 13, 2009
oo mcm gini rupenya.. hensem jugak yer.. kat sini ada jugak zoo tapi tidaklah sebesar mana, dan haiwan kat dlm dia juga tak berapa banyak
Nur Nur Isnin, Disember 14, 2009
hehehehe...bolehlah tahan handsome tapi jambul dia tuh mengancam =) anyway, thanks 4 ur comment dear.
Uncle Lee Uncle Lee Isnin, Disember 14, 2009
Hi Nur, those are beautiful monyets. Have always loved to see them. When I was young I had one as a pet.
He loves to disturb the chickens we had next to where his large cage was. And my dog loves to bother him, ha ha.

You are living in a country I only know thru book, or TV Lonely Planet....beautiful country.
Oh ya, I remember long ago in Malaysia, we used to tease our friends if they ignorant, we'll say, "you ni betul orang monkunchi". Means, 'monkey', ha ha.
Have a pleasant week, Nur and keep a song in your heart, Lee.
pakmat pakmat Selasa, Disember 15, 2009
..and over here in Bachok, monkeys are kept for the ability to be trained as coconut-pickers..and you just gave me an idea for a post..:) thanks,,and take care..
Nur Nur Rabu, Disember 16, 2009
hello uncle lim
yes.. those r beautiful monyet-monyet. looks like ur dog and chickens likes to play with him. what his name?? John Labu kah?? just kidding.

Tanzania is a wonderful country exspecially Zanzibar maybe 1 day u will fly to zanzibar for urr next honeymoon. hehehehe..
anyways thanks 4 share ur story and u take care 2..
Nur Nur Rabu, Disember 16, 2009
salam pak mat u gonna do for business lah.. if like that i can be one of ur business partner.. is that ok pak mat?? hehehe.. just kidding. hmmmm... salam